The TINYPINK stencil cap was designed by Belgian artist, Matthew Dawn

“When someone showed me how to make a stencil cap out of the protective caps that come with each can, I was like ‘Oh-My-God! This is amazing!’. I used them intensively for a while and had a great time. But there were drawbacks. I didn’t like spending hours in advance cutting a sufficient amount of stencil caps so I could work without running out, because many of them would break, clog or get to the point where they would start spilling paint all over my hands, cans and even the artwork. So I went online and thought there would be a better solution, I couldn’t find one so I made my own. With some 3D-printing prototyping I made a handful of iterations. After a while I had refined the design and was ready to show it to the world. I made a video about it, that video went viral, the kickstarter was successful - bringing us to where we are now today.”

- Matthew Dawn