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How should I use my TINYPINK?

Shake your spraycan very well before you put on the TINYPINK stencil cap! Put on a skinny cap! Then just click the TINYPINK on the big fold on the upper end of your spraycan! Finally, press down the cap! If no paint comes through the whole turn your cap slightly to the right or left (please see section „The TINYPINK doesnt work! No paint comes through the whole!“).

Don´t shake the can while there is paint in the TINYPINK's reservoir! Paint will splatter! If you can't avoid shaking it, you can try putting a piece of cloth in the reservoir! This will be like a sponge and will prevent the paint running out. Of course you have to replace the cloth with a new one from time to time!

Empty the reservoir regularly!

TINYPINK stencil cap - click on   TINYPINK stencil cap - turn cap


Which cap should I use together with the TINYPINK stencil cap?

We recommend (ultra) skinny caps! With fat caps you will waste far more paint.

You can also try needle caps! These will provide much more saturated lines in combination with the TINYPINK stencil cap but with no splatters like you know it from junkie caps!

TINYPINK stencil cap - needle cap


How can I achieve 3mm / 0.12“ to 5mm / 0.20“ thick lines?

Just widen the hole with a 3mm / 0.12“ to 5mm / 0.20“ drill according to your preferences!

TINYPINK stencil cap - drill   TINYPINK stencil cap - 3-5mm drill 


The TINYPINK doesn‘t work! No paint comes through the hole!

The reason is mostly because the spray pattern of a cap is more like a ring (no filled center) and not like a dot. So please try to turn the cap a little bit to the left or right so that the "ring" hits the hole!

Or try a needle cap! This should work for sure and you will get more saturated lines as with skinny caps!

TINYPINK stencil cap - turn cap   TINYPINK stencil cap - needle cap


The hole clogs very quickly!

The TINYPINK comes with a 2mm / 0.08“ hole to achieve 2mm / 0.08“ thin lines! If it clogs to fast please stick the included nail through it  to open it again.

We also recommend to use acetone spray (Montana Cans Cap Cleaner, Loop Aceton Spray, MTN, etc.) with a needle cap to blast residual paint out of the hole!

Another option is to widen the whole with a 3mm / 0.12“ to 5mm / 0.20“ drill! Just customize your TINYPINK to your preferences. The wider the whole, the thicker the lines, the less likely it will clog.

TINYPINK stencil cap - nail   TINYPINK stencil cap - acetone spray   


How long will the TINYPINK last?

It´s like with all things in life: the better you treat your stencil cap the longer it will last!

Clean your TINYPINK properly! Please have a look at section „How should I clean it?“ to learn about the right maintenance!


How should I empty the reservoir?

simply turn it upside down and let the paint run out at one corner.

Don´t take off the plug to empty the reservoir or you will have a big mess! Remove it only for cleaning purposes after the reservoir was emptied!

TINYPINK stencil cap - empty reservoir

Why doesn't the paint run into the reservoir but down the outside of the stencil cap?

There is a slit right under the hole. Make sure it isn't clogged with paint! Open it with the included nail or acetone!


My plug shrinked! / My plug doesn´t fit into the reservoir anymore!

The most common reason is that the plug has had paint on it for too long or it has been soaked in acetone for too long.

You should also not leave the TINYPINK in the blazing sun for too long at temperatures above 40°C / 100°F! This can cause the material to soften and shrink! If your plug is no longer tight, simply secure it with a piece of tape!


How to clean the TINYPINK at the end of a day?

If your TINYPINK has a lot of dried paint on it you can put it in an acetone bath. Take a screw-top jar, put (only!) the pink part of your stencil cap inside with some acetone, close it with a lid, and shake it. Let it rest there for an hour. Repeatet shaking is recommendet! Take the TINYPINK out and scrup off the paint which wasn´t disolved with a toothbrush or similar, .

Like said before, never let the black plug rest in an acetone bath! It can be damaged because the solvent in the paint can react with the rubber. Just wipe of the paint with a cloth dunked in aceton or use an acetone spray!

TINYPINK stencil cap - acetone bath   TINYPINK stencil cap - acetone spray


If you have any other issues which are not listed yet please don´t hesitate to contact us by Email!